The Redeye Complex

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
The jukebox in the cloud

Music Machinery write a good piece about Spotify becoming an iPhone app. This means that a 5 million song jukebox will exist in the cloud. Great! Uh great? Actually its kind of scary.
This is going to change how we listen to music. When we can listen to any song, anywhere, any time and on any device our current ways of interacting with music will be woefully inadequate. Shuffle play with 5 million songs just won’t work. Listener’s paralyzed by too much choice will just go back to the Eagles greatest hits album because its easier and safer than trying to find something new.
The post goes on to perhaps suggest ideas on how music will be presented to us. Funny thing is as I read the future, it sure sounds a lot like something called r a d i o.


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