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Saturday, October 31, 2009
The curious case of the standing Peter Mansbridge

If I had a twitter account, I'd be posting that as of 8pm, the kid count to my house this Halloween night is 84. Since I don't have a twitter account, I guess I'll have to blog about something.

So while I wait for kids, I am reading the Saturday newspapers. In the Globe is another article about the CBC newscast revamp. And once again, all this talk about the position of Peter Mansbridge. He is standing! On television?

Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

When I hear Peter Mansbridge and "standing" in the same sentence, I think back to a day in May 1997 when Ian and I went to the Forks to grab a coffee over a chat. Being at the location where the three rivers in Winnipeg meet, the Forks was an interesting sight as flood water was creeping up the stairs to the Forks buildings. This was a good backdrop for the national CBC newscast. The same CBC newscast with Mansbridge as anchor. From what I remember, it was actually a simple setup. Just him, a producer, a cameraman, and some lights. From the coffee shop, Ian and I watched him work. And you know what? He stood there the entire time. Well over an hour. Every few minutes, the producer would lean in to chat. I don't recall him ever sitting down.

So all this talk about him standing is kinda lame. He has been doing it for quite a while. And really now, he is telling stories, asking questions. Kinda like a teacher, right? And I cannot recall many teachers in my day who would just sit at a desk the entire time to teach a class.


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