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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Mad Men S3 - series finale

Have to admit that I had not watched much of Mad Men S3 because I really lost interest during season 2 which I thought was a bit of a mess. The charm of S1 left, and I really didn't want to see manufactured drama.

But I did catch the last couple episodes of S3 thanks to all the internet chatter. And I did watch the S3 finale live. I was just gonna let it record on the PVR and watch it later. Right from the opening scene I couldn't stop watching. This one had promise. And it delivered. There was something in this episode. I could not put my finger on it until I read this post on 42 inch television.
“Well, it’s official. Friday, December 13, 1963: Four guys shot their own legs off.” --- Roger
So yes the blog title here - series finale is misleading but really as 42TV says ...
the show as we've come to know it has ended.
The big question is what year will S4 be set in. 1964? 1968? 1972?


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