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Sunday, November 01, 2009
Welcome to November

Well its November which means the air in the home is going to get drier. Need to bust out the furnace humidifier. Except I kinda toasted last year's components so I am gonna have to buy something new. I did use a room humidifier for a while but the thing turned a bit gunky. Had to toss it after it began to look like a unattended science experiment.

This was a few years ago. Maybe there is some new technology out there that can solve the gunky humidifier problem. After some research I saw a few models which promised gunk free operation.

Then went on the ground to search some stores. The first was Home Outfitters which has a crappy website btw. Anyway, I picked up a room humidifier - a small room mind you - maybe just a cone of humidity actually. The Air-O-Swiss 7146. Its a travel humidifier but the fact that its small means you can easily pick it up and rinse it out every day. No sitting water means no gunk build up. That's the theory anyway. And a cool design too. Water bottle not included. About $70, so not cheap. And it has quite the bright light when its running. Blue when its okay. Red when its out of water. So not the best thing if you don't like light pollution while you sleep.


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