The Redeye Complex

Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Sound of Summer

December weather in the minus twenties reminds me (again) what winter in Winnipeg is all about. So it seems like a good moment to recall summer in Winnipeg. And to have something to look forward to.

While on holidays this past June, I set up the recorder in the back yard to catch some midday sounds. Other than the sound of birds and distant sounds of traffic and airplanes, it is a very quiet day in the neighbourhood. When I hear the birds in these recordings now, it makes me think of two computer modems handshaking when they are attempting to communicate.

2009 06 21 part one

2009 06 21 part two

2009 06 21 part three

... thinking of sunshine and temperatures in the twenties on the plus side of the thermometer. Maybe next year I'll put a hammock in the back yard.


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