The Redeye Complex

Thursday, January 28, 2010
the tech story of the day

Watching the coverage of Apple's iPad, the reaction is mixed. Journalists are giving it a thumbs down sort of like movie critics mostly because they had to spend time covering this and not seeing the blockbuster they were expecting. Real people see how this can fit in their lives or on their coffee tables. So even though its a mixed reaction, real people out number jounrnos, so it should sell well.

The most important observation however was watching the tech coverage live on TWIT.TV. Leo was broadcasting from the audience. Poor quality, but he was there. He later had a hands-on. And then he had hours of coverage and opinion from an assortment of people. Great stuff. And by the end of the evening, the online numbers showed he had at its peak, more than 150,000 people watching. Truly amazing.

That's the tech story of the day.


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