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Saturday, February 27, 2010
oly watch - climbing out

Knowing how the Olympics started on the luge track, and seeing all the wipeouts on the bobsled run, to say its a dangerous sport is an understatement.

I think about saying the best kind of wipeout is when everyone walks away but really the best kind of crash is NO crash. The competition would be just as fine when everyone would get down the course ending upright.

The above is just a comment to set up a blog post by Lisa Bettany who posted this video of the USA2 getting out of their ride after they upended.
I was able to capture all the action in this short snapshot video that shows the entire incident, including footage of the Americans being pulled from the bobsled and being assessed for injuries. There were no major injuries, but a very tense moment for the Americans and fans in the crowd.
Yes you do see everyone getting out okay but to see the course workers getting on the scene quickly and hearing the team wiggle their way out, well, its not as ordinary as it looks on broadcast television.


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