The Redeye Complex

Friday, March 26, 2010
just what was that

Cannes Lions is screening at the WAG right now and while it has been a few years since I attended, I always remember being amazed just how a commercial can have nothing to do with the product. Those 10 minutes ads for Shiseido which I cannot recall what it contained other than the complete song Turn To Stone by ELO.

With that in mind, I laughed when I read the NaP today featuring a critique of a Hyundai ad that seems not to feature much of its cars.
Aside from the colour, not a single quality of the car gets highlighted, or even alluded to. The creative department surely had loads of laughs making this commercial but I'd be surprised if it improved Hyundai's bottom line or the Elantra brand by even a scintilla.
Maybe I should not skip commercials while viewing TV on the PVR.


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