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Sunday, March 07, 2010
The Pacific

The NYT gets us thinking about The Pacific which starts next Sunday.

I remember being amazed and horrified when I saw Band of Brothers back in 2001. Its the same production group behind The Pacific so I have high hopes for this. Another war story? Why?
After “Band of Brothers” came out — the series won six Emmy Awards — the mail told him he had to address this nagging incongruity. “All the letters that came from the veterans of the Pacific theater of operations were, ‘When are you going to tell our story?’ ” Mr. Spielberg said.
There ya go.

The stories I'm sure will be just as horrific. Its almost ten years later so it will be interesting to see how it looks.

Way back in 2001, we didn't even get Band on Brothers on television. If I remember correctly, someone had an HBO feed and we passed around VHS tapes. No torrents, or hi-def feeds back then. Times have changed.


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