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Saturday, May 01, 2010
home made 3D

Ever since I found those viewmaster stereo images from my parents wedding day (here and here), I always thought it would be cool if I could create my own stereo snaps.

Now could I do this digitally? Welll, Fuji has a 3D camera now. The Finepix 3D W1. And its available too.

I read some reviews and there was a good comment on Photography Blog about some software that takes the images from the camera and turning them into stereo images. Software is called Stereo Photo Maker. Huh! The camera does not produce the viewmaster type stereo images? Read the manual on the W1 and did not see anything about that. That SPM software however can take two images (left and right) and produce a stereo image. hmmmm ... interesting. So if the W1 is just a two lens, two image camera, can I just take two images with my current digicam and use the software to produce a single stereo image.

At lunch today, I tried out a few left and right snaps, offsetting the camera just a few centimeters. Later loaded the images into the SPM software and presto - home made 3D. Viewing them is still not that great but I can work on that.

Stick your nose close to the monitor and pull back. Image should snap into place.


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