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Wednesday, July 07, 2010
summer movies

Summer means movies are piling up on the PVR. After working all day and into the evening, I have about an hour or so to get through my daily TV recordings before spending a few minutes with some movies.

Movies need to grab me pretty much right off. Its easy to skip through them on the PVR. So some have only been skimmed through just so I can clear up the recording space (Transformers 2). Other movies have not been started (Elizabeth - The Golden Age). And some movies have been around for a while and I wonder why I have not watched them earlier (The September Issue).

I skimmed through The Limits of Control but have not deleted it just because its seems so interesting. It is very slow and seems to get dragged down by quirkiness. Cool music and visuals so I do want to watch this again.

Twilight is sitting ... waiting ... gonna see what the fuss is all about.

In The Loop. Watched a few months ago. Starts off great and kinda gets tiring.

State of Play. Not too bad. Same with The International and Duplicity. I think duplicity could have used more editing.

OSS 117: Cairo Nest of Spies. Silly. Fun.

Bright Star. Slowly going through this one. Probably take another week to get through. Don't know if its gonna pay off.

Should have watched earlier - The September Issue. Interesting cast of characters. Good motivation for creativity. A great gag to end it on a high note. Also the director's commentary is fascinating. The movie could have turned out very differently which seems unusual from what we see on the screen.


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