The Redeye Complex

Saturday, September 04, 2010
Inception the television series

Called an audible with Stan the Man and went to see Inception last night after work. Not a bad movie. Seemed very choppy at the beginning but eventually it dragged me in. The reason I could tell that is even LeoDCaprio, not one of my faves, didn't get on my nerves.

Couple story lines moving through seemed to switch places. The A story became the B story. It seemed like there were two A stories. Heck maybe even two and half A stories. In trying to wrap things up, the last reel seemed too rushed to really knock it out. Those last few minutes seemed too quick.

Thinking about how rushed the movie wrapped things up made me think, like Avatar, that Inception really should have been a television series. Not five seasons of twists and turns. Just about 10 episodes or so. Enough to explore things a bit deeper, and end it with a two hour episode that should begin with the last reel of the film.

And end it with a bang. Or a kick.


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