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Saturday, January 01, 2011
Albums of the year 2010

While in Gimli on the August long weekend, I heard the term "campfire rock" used to describe that evenings line-up of musical performers which included The Wilderness of Manitoba. Their disc "When You Left The Fire" was a frequently listened to album in the summer of 2010. Up to that moment I did not have good description of this music. Not really rock. Not really folk. Like Hayden and Great Lake Swimmers, it is some of both. Whatever it is called, this one always got me to stop and listen.

The Red River's "Little Songs About The Big Picture" was a NPR All Songs Considered discovery and like Wilderness it just reminds me of music I enjoy hearing outdoors.

I had almost forgot about Audra Mae's "The Happiest Lamb" because it was out so long ago. I think this was a MPR Musichead's discovery. I know when an album is on the best of list when all I have to do is see the album cover in a pile of discs and then stop whatever else I was doing to immediately start listening to it.

The albums that grabbed me on first listen were The Walkmen's Lisbon, Josh Ritter's "So Runs the World Away", and Boxer The Horse "Would You Please".

When words are not required I turned, frequently, to these discs (tape!) - Keith Fullerton Whitman "Generator", Greenhouse's live recording "Golden City" (which at two tracks on tape I find myself hitting repeat quite often when it ends), and "The Magnetic City" by Christina Kubisch. ... frequent listens.

And finally Rachel's "Technology Is Killing Music" is not from 2010 but this year is the first time that I had the chance to acquire it ( I didn't even know it existed before this year. The band stopped recording a few years ago so anything from them when they were making albums is a real treat. I think this is an album that was available when they were on tour. It is a short album at only one track and listening to it ... with that kind of title ... knowing that the band is not recording anymore ... well it just makes me sad and reflective. Sometimes things will never be the same.


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