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Sunday, January 23, 2011
talk talk tribute in the works?

Interesting the way the internet works ... one link leads to another ... to another ...

My news feed for - a great site for micro four/thirds photo gear - had a link to a video shoot for a music video using camera gear ...
Philip Bloom posted a new AG-AF100 video he has taken with 3 awesome and expensive lenses and the cheap SLR Magic Toy Lens. But he also added this nice audio track you can listen. I embedded both inside that post but I also suggest you to visit his website to read the full article and see some backstage pictures.
The name of the video is Ascension Day as in Talk Talk?. Follow the links and the post contains this opening from the band Turin Brakes ...
We have loved Talk Talk’s work for years, especially the final two albums but have never dared tackle their intricate and difficult music ourselves. However with the spirit of a new year ahead and the suggestion of a future Talk Talk tribute album of which we were to provide a track we decided to do our own version of “Ascension Day”
Whoa. So we are 20 years past the final two years of Talk Talk releases Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock. I don't expect new work, sadly, but I would like to hear a tribute. Indeed I would.

Hope it happens.


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