The Redeye Complex

Thursday, April 28, 2011
girl who kicked the dragon hornet nest with fire and a swedish accent

I recently received an enthusiastic recommendation for the Stieg Larsson books and films based on the books. Movie Central has been running the first two in the trilogy which actually is split apart from a recent Swedish television series.

Well I have now seen all three movies. The first two were great. A wee bit too much violence but getting past that, I actually went out to rent the third.

Great characters, engaging story, shot well, you really have to concentrate on the scenes because you will miss things. And its subtitled so you will really miss things.

As I researched this a bit, it seems the movies are actually cut down in length from the television series. This seems unreal to me because the three films are almost 7-8 hours. The full television series is still to be released on disc.

I still recommend the film trilogy as it is now. Three thumbs up.


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