The Redeye Complex

Monday, May 23, 2011
insult meet injury ... repeat

Spring means the first spins of the season in the old convertible.

Miata is 20 and with puffs of oil more than usual, a trip for service turned into a head gasket job. Big job. Big bill. And oh by the way, the car was backed into while at the dealer. Ouch! More work to do.

So the head gasket replacement meant watching the situation to see if everything is okay. "You might see more vapour for a bit. Run the car and it should settle."

And I did see vapour. After running the car for a while, the vapour started pouring from the cabin vents. Even with the top down, the cabin was fogged up like the Starship Enterprise after a battle with the Romulans.

So the car needed to be towed in ... sigh. Another big job to fix a coolant leak. The interior was washed and the instruction was to air it out to dry. So I did just that. Brought the car home and parked it out front.

An hour later, the doorbell rings and its the neighbour from across the street. "Um, I just hit your car."

It seems insult and injury just moved into my garage.



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