The Redeye Complex

Friday, December 30, 2011
2011 singles

The Honest Truth from A New Kind of House

Vivian Girls
I Heard You Say from Share The Joy

Joan As Police Woman
The Action Man from The Deep Field

Wye Oak
Civilian from Civilian

Wild Flag
Romance from Wild Flag

Edible Rust from ... i don't think its really out yet other than soundcloud.

Plath Heart from Native Speaker

Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Master of Art from Sit Resist

Don Kerr, Casey Mecija, and Ohad Bentrechtrit
Mystic Morning from National Parks Project

Niagara from Metal Meets

Graveyard from Metals

Kate Bush

The Violent Bear It Away from Destroyed

Told Me So from Sleepover

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins
Bubble from Diamond Mine

Elenaor Friedberger
My Mistakes from Last Summer

I keep a folder active during the year called singles which get tracks from places like KEXP, NPR All Songs Considered, Life of Best Fit, Soundcloud, and so on. Time to go through and pick some of the best. Then I check my favourite albums and find tracks that stand out and was perhaps the reason why I bought the album. I know I am missing a bunch but its a start.


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