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Monday, December 26, 2011
Top albums of 2011

With so much music out there and so many ways to get music, it is really easy to have the impulse of skipping to something else in 30 seconds or less. Music is slowly getting curated with blogs and podcasts. Its sort of like radio really however nothing lasts forever and favourite radio shows and podcasts come and go. Finding consensus for best albums is really a miss rather than a hit. I hear plenty of great singles. What about the rest of the album? How does one pick top albums anyway. I have two criteria.

#1 First time I hear an album makes me stop and listen.
#2 When I am doing this list, I feel guilty for not actually buying it yet (Sorry Feist, I have not been to the record store yet. Yes I can get it on emusic like I did for Ezekiel Honig and National Parks Project but I want a disc.)

in no particular order ...

SoCalled - Sleepover
National Parks Project
Feist - Metals
Ezekiel Honig - Folding In On Itself
Ohbijou - Metal Meets
Moby - Destroyed
Kurt Wagner & Cortney Tidwell (2010 album ... just ran into it this year)
King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine (my used find of the year ... $8 at Music Trader)
Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow (what an opening track)
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi present Rome
Julianna Barwick - The Magic Place
Molly Berg, Olivia Block, Steve Roden, Stephen Vitiello - MOSS (likely the most listened to album of the year ... okay so its one track at +20 minutes ... I get lost in this)
Kraig Grandy - Our Rainy Season
Braids - Native Speaker
Eleanor Friedberger - Last Summer


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