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Friday, January 11, 2013
2012 albums

My favourite albums of 2012 are the ones that I live with for months. At home, in the car. When out for a walk. I have listened to them everywhere. These are the albums that when it comes time to delete them from my portable MP3 player (to make room for other new things), I find myself waffling and delaying that decision to delete.

... and darkness came
A compilation from Headphone Commute as a benefit to victims to Hurricane Sandy. This is for those moments when I do not know what to listen to but I want to bathe in music. This will do it. Eighty Seven tracks ... six hours ... "The artists on the release have been hand-picked to showcase the world's top talent in ambient, modern classical, and experimental music."

Cannon Bros - Firecracker Cloudglow
Tuned into this when the Polaris Music Prize nominees were announced. This is great summer music. Fun. Bandcamp link.

A best of in 2011 for people cooler than myself. Sound recordings of train travels. Experimedia link.

From early in 2012. Fun pop music. Bandcamp link.

Kathryn Calder - Bright and Vivid
A 2011 release but that's what happens when there is quite a bit of music out there. This seems to be quite noisy but it comes together for me. Zunior link.

Loscil - City Hospital
Label Wist Rec came out with soundtracks to books - Wistbooks. Loscil supplied the soundtrack to Malcom Lowry's novella "Lunar Caustic. I still have not read the book.  The music tells me something not great is going to happen ... holding breath ... think twice ... the last note.

Neneh Cherry and The Thing - The Cherry Thing 
The hook for me is that this is loud and interesting. Repeat listens are never boring. Pitchfork link.

The Bard of Montreal
Another compilation on my best of ... this one from the music site Hero Hill. It covers Leonard Cohen tunes (good) - young Canadian musicians and bands (double good). I liked this quite a bit. Herohill link.

Windy and Carl - We Will Always Be
I have been a fan for quite a while. It makes me feel good to get a new album and still enjoy their work. Pitchfork link.

Laura Marling - NPR Tiny Desk Concert
So this is not an album. But I have listened to this all too short performance quite a bit. The vocals, the guitar. Great. NPR link.


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