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Sunday, May 19, 2013
writing is hard

For just over a year now I have been contributing a music/sound column to my friend Denise's site Eleventh Avenue.

Based on a handful amount of columns, I have come to this conclusion - writing is hard when you want someone to read something.

Each column is just a few paragraphs. For me, a few paragraphs takes about three to four hours to write. And that does not include the time it takes to come up with the idea on what the article will be. Usually its just whatever is at the top of my head when the deadline approaches. And by top of my head, its what I have been listening to ... music or podcasts. I try to find something that is downloadable or something that can be streamed. I might pick up an idea from a podcast or even from something I read. And I try to throw in one of my photos because web sites run better with photos.

For the amount the time it does take, I can honestly say it is fun.

Maybe I should republish them here. Have to talk to the boss about that.

Actually, I should just write more here.


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