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Wednesday, August 21, 2013
crys cole, Catherine Lamb, Bryan Eubanks at Ace Art 2012 08 21

One year ago at Ace Art in Winnipeg was an exploration in sound with crys cole, Catherine Lamb, and Bryan Eubanks. Top two were with the noisy Pentax SLR. Bryan with the Oly E-PM1.

For each set, I switched lenses on the Oly E-PM1 (a quietier camera) , moved in tighter with the m43 adapter and the wonderful  FA series Pentax lenses (31mm and 77mm), blew out the background with a slow shutter speed and hoped there was not much movement. Quite a bit of noisy pixels with the E-PM1. My thoughts turned to shooting JPEG+RAW.

For the portrait orientation I fold over the shot in photoshop to create a 1920 pixel wide frame suitable for a screen saver. I find the symmetry interesting.

Then just for fun I like a photo experiment (when I remember to try it out) ... this is a two frame gif with rapid transition to simulate the space in three dimensions. No glasses required! I shot each frame by moving the camera to each eye.

And the gear.


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