The Redeye Complex

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ace Art 20160805

Irene Bindi

Rosa Reaper


Angela Forget

An evening of sound art performances at Ace Art on 20160805. With so much else going on in the city on a Friday night it was good to see a nice size crowd.

Cameras used here ... BMPCC with a Pentax wide zoom lens. A Panasonic GM1 with a nice voigtlander 35mm, GM5 with an old takumar lens, and GX7 with Pentax Limited lenses. And a Olympus Air A01 using the Android app.

The rooms lights were LEDs I believe and they caused problems when shooting with the GX7's electronic shutter. I use the electronic shutter because it is silent. However it scans the camera sensor slower and the LEDs slow flicker causes banding in the image. I researched this a bit and the solution may be to use a very slow shutter speed or choose a shutter speed that syncs in multiples of 60. I have images at 1/50 that did not work. 1/60 seemed to work okay. But if the LEDs are on a dimmer then this still might be a problem.


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