The Redeye Complex

Monday, January 01, 2018
2017 albums of note

Colleen / A Flame My Love, A Frequency
Heather Leigh / I Abused Animal
Windy & Carl / Blues For A UFO
VA / Follow The Sun
Tomoko Sauvage / Musique Hydromantique
Sarah Davachi / All My Circles Run
Claire M Singer / Fairge
Death and Vanilla / Vampyr
EERA / Reflection of Youth
Noveller / A Pink Sunset For No One
Jen Cloher / Jen Cloher
AstrĂ¯d & Rachel Grimes / Through The Sparkle
Catherine Lamb & Bryan Eubanks/ Prisma Interius III

They are in no particular order. The list should be larger. I seem to have albums all over the place. CDs, computers, and now phones. Music purchasing and listening has never been easier. However losing track of music I listen to has never been easier either.


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