The Redeye Complex

Thursday, January 18, 2018
A mostly new PC 

Of all the computers I use, the most active computer is a ten year old Atom based PC that I use as a music player. A USB DAC is connected to two stereos. I use remote desktop to operate the controls. This PC is great however it is very slow running web pages so I thought about buying a new system.

While cleaning up old computers and parts, I decided that I might want to build a new desktop computer using as many old parts as possible.

After some research, I realized that I still don't need much CPU power, so I settled on the ASRock J3355M motherboard which has a built-in Celeron chip. Its only $100 so that was good too. I reused an old computer case, hard drives, and power supply. I ended up buying some new memory and swapped sticks with an existing system at the same time.

The result so far with Windows 10 Pro is good. Speed is better loading web pages so I think this has been a good project. 

The old computer continues to run so I might just use it to serve up media. 


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