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Thursday, January 04, 2018
Out with the not so old ... in with something else

A new year brings new possibilities and new experiences. In computer land, things are changing all the time. Hardware stops working. Software that once worked, may not work anymore. 

Two services that I had been using daily stopped working in 2018.  Microsoft announced in late 2017 that they were getting out of the music subscription service. Another late year notice was given by AOL to say that their RSS service, AOL Reader was shutting down. 

I started using AOL Reader in 2014 after Google shut down their RSS service, Google Reader.

After looking around for alternatives, I am now using Feedly. The interface is a little too busy and is not great on my small display smartphone. But it is quick and allows me to scan through my +500 daily list of articles. RSS is great for me. 

Microsoft Groove was a good music service where I could find almost all new music releases that I was interested in. I could easily get music on my phone which means I could take music with me everywhere. 

For the moment I am trying Spotify which was recommended for Groove customers. A week in now and it appears to be thin on its catalogue. We shall see how it goes. 

Technology is magical when it works. But don't count on it to be there forever. Things break. Things stop working.

Dealing with change is hard. But dealing with something new is an opportunity to remind yourself of what is important. 

Happy new year. 



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